Association of Greek Users and Friends of FS / OSS  
Association / Society
In General

The Association of Greek Users and Friends of FS/OSS (also called Greek
Linux User Group) is a greek NGO/Society, which purpose is to promote
GNU/Linux and Free Software / Open Source Software.

Despite somebody prefers a specific GNU/Linux distro to another, or even
uses MS Windows or MacOS (because of peculiarities in the professional
enviroment or personal choice), can come to our Association and without any obligation on
his/her part, he/she can get help to use FS/OSS, wherever this is possible.
Our society needs your support and invites you to become a member and
contribute in all possible manners to the promotion of FS/OSS but also to
various activities of the Association.


Founded, 2009, and we already have many works to exhibit, such as

  • Introductions / Presentations about GNU/Linux and Free Software to large audiences
  • Blender Lessons by Blender Foundation Certified Trainer
  • The creation and daily operation of Thessaloniki GNU/Linux Lab
  • The creation and enrichment of GNU/Linux & Free Software Library
  • The creation of Greek GNU/Linux Distributions Remasterings
  • Struggle about the use of Free Software and GNU/Linux at the greek pubic sector

A bit of history

The Association of Greek Users and Friends of FS/OSS was created by a group
of people who met, got to know each other and undertook action aiming to
promote FS/OSS, through 2008-2009, in the context of Thessaloniki Linux
Users Group (TheLUG). The result was the creation of the first "Thessaloniki
GNU/Linux Computer Lab" in Ptolemeon Str., at Vardari economic district.

Thessaloniki GNU/Linux Lab

Thessaloniki GNU/Linux Lab and headquarters of the Association are located
in Egnatias 96 str., in Pilea Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki GNU/Linux Lab
welcomes all who want to learn about FS/OSS. You can get more info in the
"Where to find us" section.

Yours sincerely,
The Association of Greek Users and Friends of FS/OSS

Support us!

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