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Press Release about the Donation to the 15th Primary School of Halkida Print E-mail
Wednesday, 23 February 2011 21:03

The Association of Greek Users and friends of FLOSS , also known as GreekLUG, in the context of promoting the widespread use of FLOSS in the Educational Sector, has taken the initiative to fix and subsequently donate seven (7) PC's of older technology, to a Public School. These PC's got to our Lab thanks to kind concessions from various industries.

Our Association proceeded with the refurbishing of these macines, we installed the GNU/Linux operating system and we incorporated several certified educational e-books of the First Level of Public Education, adequately modified by the Educational Technology Sector (ΕΑΙΤΥ).

We chosen the 15th Primary School of the town of Halkida, as the beneficiary for this donation, and we delvered to them the PC's, as well as all the accompanying material, on Saturday the 19th/02/2011. In the overall context of our initiative, following the installation of these machines, we delivered an Instructional Seminar about the value of- and the use of FOSS, towards all the Teaching Staff of the School and we had a very productive discussion about the possible practical applications of Free Software in the School environment.

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