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Welcome to our webpage,

"Association of Greek Users and Friends of FS/OSS" s a Non Goverment Organization / Non Profit Society which purpose is to promote GNU/Linux and FS/OSS (Free Software / Open Source Software). Our target is to spread the word about the freedom of software and the choice that anybody can and should have using Computers.

Our Society constantly organizes actions, lessons and presentations which you can attend and participate! Also, at our headquarters there is the Thessaloniki GNU/Linux Laboratory, which you can visit and learn more about FS/OSS.

Kdenlive & Audacity, Video and Audio Editing in GNU/Linux. Print E-mail

GreekLUG invites you at the

Workshop: Kdenlive & Audacity, Video and Audio editing in GNU/Linux

greeklug kdenlive-2014-07-06s

The subjects to be analysed include :

We will see together how to make/edit your videos:

for your personal collection

sharing at YouTube

Good practices

Questions & Answers

at the GNU/Linux Lab of Thessaloniki
Free Software Municipal Centre
96 Egnatias street, Pilea, Thessaloniki.
Arduino Labs - Workshops Print E-mail

GreekLUG invites you at

Arduino Labs - Workshops
for three consecutive Saturdays, in collaboration with Planetarium of Thessaloniki,

will organise free access interactive labs - workshops

based on the Planitek ΚΙΤ (Arduino Compatible Kit).

Register yourselves: events (at)

A priority queue will be kept.

greeklug Arduino 26-04-2014

The subjects to be covered include:


1ο Saturday: 26/04/2014
GEt to know Arduino and all its electrical accessories and components
Get it connected with your PC and IDE installation
The first circuit / The first programme

2ο Saturday: 03/05/2014
Recap of the first lesson
Two interesting projects of medium difficulty

3ο Saturday: 10/05/2014
An interesting project medium difficulty
A difficult project.

at the GNU/Linux Lab of Thessaloniki
Free Software Municial Centre
96 Egnatias street, Pilea, Thessaloniki




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